Fantasy Football Rankings With Auction Values and Humor

The accompanying rankings depend on a dream football player’s year to end season esteem. In case a draft or closeout were to happen today this is the position and worth we put on the players dependent on their past exhibition and anticipated future creation. The reason for the valuations is a 10 group association beginning 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 K 1 Defense with a half yardage and half TD scoring framework without any focuses granted for gatherings. The rankings are refreshed each Tuesday morning, permitting players to esteem their groups, dissect player esteems for exchanges and plan future moves to get the most return out of your Fantasy Football players.


1 Chris Johnson Titans, RB

Quicker than a speeding Usain Bolt, more impressive than a train, ready to hop tall lineman on a fourth down, it’s a Falcon it’s a Jet, it’s Chris Johnson. $44

2 Adrian Peterson Vikings, RB

Notwithstanding having some inconsistent games and bungling issues, on the off chance that anybody will have an unrivaled year in ’10, it seems like it very well may be AP. $40

3 Maurice Jones-Drew Jaguars, RB

2009 details feel like it very well may be his roof, all things considered, no complaints…..offense stays steady and an encore likely. $35

4 Ray Rice Ravens, RB

His week by week creation is pretty much as dependable as Rush Limbaugh’s fourth doughnut of the day. $34

5 Micheal Turner Falcons, RB

The Burner……if in the ’08 season he was filled by oil products……he obviously changed to “simple heat stove” innovation ’09…..he’ll get it in the groove again in ’10. $30

6 Frank Gore 49ers, RB

The estimate calls for high week after week midpoints with inconsistent irritating wounds every season. $27

7 Steven Jackson Rams, RB

This much potential hasn’t been wasted since Matt Damon turned down Famke Jannsen in Rounders. $25 ยูฟ่าเบทรับสูตร

8 Andre Johnson Texans, WR

2009 getting yards pioneer by more than 200 yds. Potential for significantly more Td’s, yet his presentation is attached to Schuab remaining solid. $24

9 Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals, WR

In case Warner resigns, the Cardinals WR’s will resemble Rage Against the Machine attempting to continue without Zach de la Rocha. $23

10 Cedric Benson Bears, RB

The inquiry is….does his arrangement with Satan reach out into the 2010 season? Or then again does he return to the Cedric we know and disdain? $22

11 Ryan Grant Packers, RB

Not the hottest RB as far as blaze, but rather he takes care of his business well……oddly the specific inverse can be said to describe Megan Fox. $21

12 Jamaal Charles Chiefs, RB

The Chiefs hopeless group isn’t helping him, however he is the sort of fellow that will figure out how to get his. $21

13 DeAngelo Williams Panthers,RB

The advantages all at once share pitch are for the most part pointless fooling around, yet ensure you know what the Panthers are selling before you buy…basically, a full split of two incredible backs. $21

14 Vincent Jackson Chargers, WR

Is to San Diego WR’s what MadMen is to AMC…..both have made something totally superfluous worth observing at this point. $20

15 Rashard Mendenhall Steelers,RB

Despite the fact that we don’t anticipate that he should be fantastic in ’10; being the lead RB in PIT assurance’s a sure degree of scoring. $19

16 Reggie Wayne Colts, WR

Like Charlize Theron, didn’t know what we’ll escape Reggie next; the cutie in The Italian Job or the psycho in Monster that kills your dream season. He killed dream proprietors down the stretch of ’09. $19

17 Aaron Rodgers Packers,QB

In case his hostile line keeps on giving him the sandlot endorsed 5 banana count again one year from now as they did the second 50% of ’09, we anticipate that he should be the first class dream QB once more. $19

18 Drew Brees Saints, QB

In every one of the beyond 4 years he’s set up at least 4,300 yds and 26 tds. Not all that awful of numbers to construct a dream group around. $19

19 DeSean Jackson Eagles, WR

Regardless of the way that is was a violent ride with large swings in production….he had the most elevated normal pts/game among Fantasy WR’s last year. $19

20 Brandon Marshall Broncos, WR

It seems like consistently paving the way to Fantasy Drafts/Auctions, there are a ton of inquiries and motivations not to follow #15…for now we stay extremely hopeful on his ’10 season. $19

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