College Football 2007 – Who Would You Rather Be Now – Arizona State or Washington?

Steadfast University of Washington fans ought to be cheered by the way that the Huskies played No. 7-positioned Oregon to a 31-31 tie through 3/4 Saturday (10-20-07) preceding being outscored 24-3 in the final quarter and losing 55-34.

Up until Saturday’s showdown at home against the Ducks, the Huskies had practically lost it emerging from the storage space for the subsequent half.

The media inclusion following the misfortune focused for the most part on the Huskies surrendering 661 yards to Oregon’s high-scoring offense, 465 surging yards and a vocation high 251 hurrying yards to Duck full back Jonathan Stewart, a result of Timberline High School in Lacey, who ought to have been a Husky.

Rather than recognizing the way that Oregon surrendered 34 focuses in their success, the media caused to notice the way that the free hurrying guard made the Huskies drop to 118th in surging protection among 119 significant school groups, and rank 107th generally in cautious yards permitted.

Hell, half if not 3/4 of the groups in America would be actually where the Husky safeguard is positioned on the off chance that they had played Washington’s timetable through the initial seven games. Washington has played the hardest timetable throughout the previous five weeks among 242 Division I groups.

The Husky protection isn’t just about as awful as the insights would recommend. For a certain something, Washington has no profundity anyplace and by the fourth quarter, not exclusively were an excessive number of players out of position, they were short of breath from being on the field with Oregon’s offense for over 34 minutes.

เว็บบอลเชื่อถือได้ For another, Washington has played 5 broadly positioned groups straight up part of the way through those games, driving in 3 of them against Ohio State (just the current No. 1 group in the nation), USC (then, at that point positioned No. 2) and No. 12-positioned Arizona State.

Here is a news streak: Washington should lose to Oregon. I anticipated it weeks prior.

Maybe than center around all that was not occurring against Oregon, how about we perceive what occurred:

1) Redshirt green bean quarterback Jake Locker tossed a 83-yard score pass to senior wide beneficiary Anthony Russo, the fourth longest TD pass in Husky history. Russo currently has no less than one gathering in 31 back to back games.

2) Jake Locker tossed a 26-yard score pass to senior wide collector Marcel Reese.

3) Jake Locker tossed a 43-yard score pass to senior half back Louis Rankin, the longest gathering of his vocation.

4) Jake Locker tossed another score pass to Marcel Reese, this one for 38 yards.

5) Louis Rankin piled up 238 generally useful yards, 132 in opening shot returns, 73 in hurrying (a 6.6 yard normal for each convey) and 43 getting.

6) Jake Locker added 78 yards surging at 6.0 yards per convey.

I completely anticipate that Washington should lose to California for its sixth loss of the year, all things considered, California isn’t care for playing against the scout group practically speaking.

On the in addition to side, I completely anticipate that Washington should beat Arizona, Stanford, Oregon State, Washington State and Hawaii to end the season with a 7-6 imprint and play in a bowl game.

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