Football Insurance Provides Protection For You In The Beautiful Game

Most football players taking part in County FA football leagues enjoy nothing more than being a part of a football team and quite often haven’t ever thought about the more serious implications should they be involved in an accident on the pitch or during training.

Unfortunately there is an ugly side to the beautiful game whereby week on week players find themselves stretched off the pitch and being carried off to hospital in the back of an ambulance.

Having the right insurance cover in place can provide you with financial assistance in the event of a serious injury by providing a capital lump sum payment which prevents you from being able to return to your usual occupation or weekly loss of earning benefit in the event of short-term injury that keeps you away from your work.

เว็บรีวิวการ์ตูน There are different levels of weekly benefit to choose from that offer something for everyone.

Professional sports people can also arrange for career ending insurance that will provide a lump sum payment up to 4 times their annual salary in the event of receiving an injury that prevents them from playing football permanently and subsequently cuts short their earning potential.

Alongside personal accident cover football teams will require public liability cover to provide protection against claims brought about by injury or damage to third parties. This is required by all clubs who are affiliated to County League football and in today’s litigious society more and more council and privately owned facilities are requesting that football teams have their own liability cover in place before allowing them use of their pitches.

So next time you pull on your football boots think before going out onto the pitch.

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