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With all the changes in the technology industry in the last couple of years, it is easy to find yourself being overwhelmed by all the new features and gadgets that are being promoted as the most current, ‘Must-Have’ device for your business, home or home theater systems. The truth is, a lot of it is mostly hype and sales copy. Very little of what you need to know will be supplied by the hype machines, and unless you go in to the electronics department knowing a few basics, then you can very easily find yourself either coming out even more confused, or having purchased something that you don’t really need, and will find that it doesn’t truly suit your needs.

In this short article, there are only a few items that are going to be covered, but with these pieces of information in hand, you can weed out 95% of the sales hype and promo fever that comes with every new advancement.

What size of Monitor do you really need?
What’s with 3D monitors
What is Response Time?
Where can you save the most money?
So, let’s take a look at these topics one at a time.
What size of monitor do you really need?

One of the biggest advancements when it comes to your computer monitor, is the drop in prices for the larger computer monitors. It’s not impossible now to get a 22 inch best monitor for photo editing under $500, however, in the past, for the same monitor, you could pay well over that. The truth is, that unless you are running a modest to high-end computer, with recent video cards (graphic cards) then you probably don’t need to go anywhere over 22 inches. Traditionally, people sit within 3 feet of the monitor screen, so being able to see crystal clear detail at 15 feet away is not an issue, the bigger the screen, the more area you have to work with, and the more area you have to fill. When surfing the internet or answering email, a 17 inch monitor is more than enough to keep you organized and help keep you from getting lost with all the clutter that can gather in a large screen.


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