To Certify Or Not To Certify – Advantages Of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification

To Certify Or Not To Certify – Advantages Of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification

It is no doubt that professionals in the present work environment have lots of options when it comes to specialist certifications. I’m asked again and again”If I become certified?” This is in fact a issue that is loaded and needs some consideration. Here are suggestions and some facts which might help you decide whether to become certified MOS. More info

What’s the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification?

The MOS certificate is a desktop computing productivity certificate that’s intended to validate someone’s degree of skills utilizing Microsoft Office products.

  • Who must seek out the MOS certificate?
  • People Seeking to obtain a competitive advantage in the office
  • Anyone who is job duties require using Microsoft office
  • Trainers who offer classes to stop users in Microsoft Office applications
  • Virtual assistants looking to confirm their abilities to potential customers
  • Workers Seeking to move to another level in their livelihood
  • Which are the Advantages of MOS certificate?

At a study of 14,000 Office Specialists and 1,200 managers of Office Specialists in North America, the Uk, and Japan reveals that workers with Office Specialist certificates are more educated and effective. By passing the examinations and turning into a MOS practitioner you affirm your proficiency. Companies recognize and respect that this certificate providing the benefit in the process to you and also put you.

Which are the prerequisites?

The path to MOS certification starts with MS office training, examination prep and testing. To acquire the Master certificate you must complete 3 of the necessary examinations (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and 1 of the optional assessments (Access or Outlook).

What does the research say?

85 percent of managers say Office Experts are more productive for the Office Expert certification*

89 percent of managers say Office Experts are more skillful users of Microsoft Office applications. *

86 percent of managers say Office Experts are more plausible than non-certified workers. *

71 percent of managers use Office Specialist in hiring, promotion, and improvement choices *

Therefore the reply to the query”If I get certified?” Are if you would like to get noticed in a sea of hints and exceed your coworkers or you would like to warrant a boost then you need to think about certificate. You wish to market clients and if you’re in business you shouldn’t just get certified but have your workers. I trust that your choice is better and simpler with these facts.


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